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Male, Maldives

White sandy beaches sparkling in the sun alongside crystal clear lagoons would be an idyllic place to spend a perfect holiday. While this is true in most aspects, the degree of fragility of our environment is gaining much attention within national and international levels. The fragile marine and terrestrial environment including the reefs and bio-diversity would be greatly affected unless careful management of the environment is done. Our beauty and natural resources are strongly linked with economic development of the country. Such awareness has raised many concerns and the Government is taking extensive measures towards protecting the environment.

Bodu beru is one of the most popular forms of folk music and dance that is found in the inhabited islands of Maldives. People of all age groups participate enthusiastically in Bodu Beru folk music. The musical instruments that are used consist of three or four drums made from hollowed coconut wood and a variety of thumping instruments. Read to know more about the Boduberu folk music of Maldives.

In Bodu Beru, there is one lead singer and a band of 10-15 people, who sing in chorus. As the song continues, the rhythm picks up and people come out of the troupe and dance to the tunes of the music. Spectators join to clap and dance. Maldives folk dance of Bodu beru is a tribal dance that usually takes place during the festive occasions and is enjoyed by all.

Bandiyaa Jehun Dance

Bandiyaa Jehun is a popular dance form that takes place in the Maldives Island. Though, western pop and Indian music are becoming increasingly popular, but this traditional Bandiyaa Jehun folk dance of Maldives has its own importance. It is like the Indian pot dance, in which the women carrying metal water pots sing and dance to the tune of music. While singing, they tap the pots with their finger rings. Read on to know more about the Maldives Bandiyaa Jehun folk dance.

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